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About us

Ice Cream Unicorn mini horse

Hello! My name is Catherine (Cat) Cortez and I own Cat's Animal Rescue, a non-profit organization in the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains that takes in abandoned/neglected/abused animals. I am dedicated to providing a safe and loving environment for all the animals in my care. 


I can't remember a time when I was not an animal lover. As a young child, I was always trying to convince my parents why we needed more animals to help and give them a good home.

Then eight years ago, I moved to a home in Colfax that came with 3 alpacas and a livestock guardian dog, a Great Pyrenees. I was thrilled. While working for Animal Control in Placer County, I started rescuing more animals and decided to become a charitable organization. 


The main attraction here at Cat's Animal Rescue and Sanctuary is our mini-horse, Ice Cream, also known as Ice Cream Unicorn. We dress her up as a unicorn to help children facing life challenges. Ice Cream sends the children uplifting cards, stickers, and trinkets to brighten up their day. Virtual adoptions and meet and greets with her are available as well. She can even Facetime by appointment. She knows how to make children smile!

Tours are available by private appointment if you would like to see the sanctuary and get a hands-on experience with what I do. Please call or email me to schedule a time.

I also offer free speaking engagements. They're interactive, encouraging, and inspired by Ice Cream.

Do you love animals and want to make a difference? We are looking for volunteers.

Ice Cream Unicorn mini horse


At Cat's Animal Rescue we rely heavily on donations. It can be money, resources such as hay, livestock feed, carrots, apples, and dog food, or you can donate your time (see Volunteer button). Venmo may ask for the last four digits of the shelter's phone number. They are 2168Any amount you can give is very much appreciated and thank you!


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